Sámi Blood is the winner of Titanic 2017

Amanda Kernell's striking debut, the Swedish-Norwegian-Danish co-production Sámi Blood is the winner of the Breaking Waves Award at the 24th Titanic International Film Festival.

The winner of the Breaking Waves Award was announced on April 12th, at the closing gala of the 24th Titanic Film Festival at Anker't Bar. The jury, made up of French film critic Frédéric Strauss, writer György Dragomán and Golden Bear-winning film director Ildikó Enyedi, said the following: „After a short discussion, we unanimously chose Sámi Blood. We felt that this film solved the most beautifully the heartbreakingly complex task it set for itself. The story of Elle Marja's attempt to leave her native Sámi culture and tongue behind and assimilate into the majority Swedish culture shows what a painful sacrifice being separated from one's mother tongue and one's home demands. The joiks (traditional Sámi songs) sung in the film, which are often interrupted, at once symbolize speech and silence; they tell us of the things that it is the hardest to talk about: confronting our history, our past and our responsibility. However painful the journey from one culture to another may be, the film suggests that it can be (and has to be) not just a one-way, but a return journey - and that by the end of the journey, we might even come to understand ourselves and each other better. Sámi Blood is a ballad-joik that will resonate with us long after we have left the theatre."

The Swedish-Norwegian-Danish co-production Sámi Blood is an emotionally charged coming-of-age story. Elle Marja is a 14-year-old reindeer breeder, a member of the Sámi minority. Exposed to the racism of the 1930s and race biology examinations at her boarding school, she starts dreaming of another life. To achieve this other life she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture. This striking debut by Amanda Palmer has been well received at the Venice and Thessaloniki Film Festivals as well.

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