How Viktor "The Garlic" Took Alexey "The Stud" to the Nursing Home

Как Витька Чеснок вез Леху Штыря в дом инвалидов
Russia, 2017
Directed by:

Director: Alexander Hant
Screenwriter: Alexey Borodachev
Producer: Fedor Popov, Vladimir Malyshev
Cinematography: Daniil Fomichev 
Editor: Nataly Shmidt 
Cast: Yevgeny Tkachuk, Alexey Serebryakov, Andrey Smirnov 
Distributor: VGIK – Debut

Drama, Crime

90 min

Victor lives with a woman he doesn't love and has a child that wasn't planned. When his father suddenly turns up after years away – fresh out of jail and seriously ill – Viktor finally sees the chance of leaving his unloved family. The plan is to take the old man to a far-off nursing home and then take over his flat. But the journey turns into a bizarre road trip as the father starts feeling a lot better than his son would like. A wild road movie, rich in twists and quirky characters.


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