LOMO - The Language of Many Others

LOMO – THE LANGUAGE OF MANY OTHERS / LOMO - The Language of Many Others
Germany, 2017
Directed by:

Director: Julia Langhof
Screenwriter: Thomas Gerhold, Julia Langhof
Producer: Martin Heisler, Eva Kemme
Cinematography: Michal Grabowski
Editor: Thomas Krause, Halina Daugird
Music: Torsten Reibold
Cast: Jonas Dassler, Lucie Hollmann, Eva Nürnberg, Karl Alexander Seidel, Marie-Lou Sellem, Peter Jordan, Barbara Philipp, Julika Jenkins, Rainer Sellien
Distributor: Flare Film

101 min

Karl is about to take his high school diploma, his future lies ahead of him. His father is an architect, his mother a former singer who spends all her time on the computer with role playing games. They are liberals, so the sky's the limit for their kids. Karl's ambitious sister Anna already knows she's moving to Canada to study International Communications. Paul, his best friend, wants to marry his childhood sweetheart and start a family. Karl finds this ludicrous – and sees in his parents' world an ill omen of his own future.


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