Kazahstan, 2017
Directed by:

Director: Zsanna Iszabajeva / Zhanna Issabayeva
Screenwriter: Zsanna Iszabajeva / Zhanna Issabayeva
Producer: Zsanna Iszabajeva / Zhanna Issabayeva, Ilija Biszerov / Iliya Bisserov
Cinematography: Mihail Blincov / Mikhail Blintsov
Editor: Azamat Altyibasov / Azamat Altybasov
Cast: Laura Koroljeva / Laura Koroleva, Roman Liszcov / Roman Lystsov, Natalja Kolesznyikova / Nataliya Kolesnikova, Alim Mendibajev / Alim Mendibayev
Distributor: Sun Production

Drama, 95 min

Sveta, a hearing impaired woman faces a very difficult life challenge. She is in danger of losing her job as a foreman in a sewing shop. If she loses the job, then she probably loses her apartment as well, because she will not be able to pay interest on the mortgage any more. Her husband Ruslan takes a passive position. Thus, Sveta decides to fight in every way possible for the apartment, for the little "world" that she, an invalid, created with such difficulty. 

06-04 18:30

07-04 18:45


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