The Age of Shadows

South Korea, 2016
Directed by:

Director: Kim Dzsiun (Jee-woon Kim)
Screenwriter: Kim Dzsiun (Jee-woon Kim)
Cshö Dzsonghva (Choi Jeong-hwa)
Cinematography: Kim Dzsijong (Ji-yong Kim)
Editor: Kim Dzsiun (Jee-woon Kim)
Music: Mogu / I Szonghjon (Mowg / Lee Sung-hyun)
Cast: I Bjonghon (Byung-hun Lee), Kong Ju (Yoo Gong), Szong Gangho (Kang-ho Song), Han Dzsimin (Ji-min Han)
Distributor: Finecut
140 min

Seoul, 1923. Korea is under Japanese occupation. The bombing of Jongro Police Station, a symbol of Japanese Colonial rule, causes a great disturbance.  A group of resistance fighters and Japanese police agents are locked in a struggle in which one cannot identify one’s foes and allies. A talented Korean-born Japanese police officer, who was previously in the independence movement himself, is thrown into a dilemma between the demands of his reality and the instinct to support a greater cause.

The film will be screened in the original language, with English and Hungarian subtitles.


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