The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

AL-TAQAREER HAWL SARAH WA SALEEM / The Reports on Sarah and Saleem
Palestine, 2018

Director: Muayad Alayan
Screenwriter: Rami Alayan
Producer: Muayad Alayan, Rami Alayan, Hans de Wolf, Hanneke Niens, Rebekka Garrido, Rodrigo Iturralde, Georgina Gonzalez, Alejandro Duran
Cinematography: Sebastian Bock
Editor: Sameer Qumsiyeh
Music: Frank Gelat, Charlie Rishmawi, Tarek Abu Salameh
Cast: Sivane Kretchner,  Maisa Abdm Elhadi, Ishai Golan, Adeeb Safadi
Distributor: Heretic Outreach

127 min

Sarah is Israeli and runs a café in West Jerusalem. Saleem is Palestinian from East Jerusalem and works as a deliveryman. Despite being worlds apart, Sarah and Saleem risk everything as they embark on a illicit affair that could tear apart their unsuspecting respective families. When a risky late-night tryst goes awry and threatens to expose them, the two of them look on helplessly as their frantic efforts to salvage what’s left of their lives further escalate things, and they find themselves trapped in a web of deceit.


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