The Wind

USA, 2018
Directed by:

Director: Emma Tammi

Cast: Caitlin Gerard, JUlia Goldani Tellers, Ashley Cukerman, Miles Anderson

A feminist Gothic-horror western.

Director Emma Tammi’s breathtakingly beautiful and haunting moody tale is a remarkable mixture of tones, styles and genres. Showing gloomy isolation and lingering terror, this female-focused film is something of a rarity as a western – a traditionally masculine genre. In the 1800s, Lizzy Macklin (Caitlin Gerard) settles with her husband in the remote American frontier. Lizzy is haunted by religious superstition and a fear of something lurking in the dark, and the howling wind only increases her dread. Paranoia sets in when another couple moves into a nearby cabin. (Edinburgh Film Fest)


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